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2 men face federal drug crime charges in Florida

Drug crime accusations can carry very strict consequences if a person is convicted in Florida. However, for a federal drug offense, the stakes are much higher. Two people in Sarasota are currently facing federal drug charges and might do well to keep in mind that a strong criminal defense could help them as they move forward with the drug crime charges.

Reports indicate that a 39-year-old man and a 42-year-old man have both been charged with possessing with the intent to distribute along with conspiracy to distribute at least 100 kilograms of marijuana. Supposedly, the men had been working together since August 2012. Authorities believe they had been distributing marijuana within three counties in the Sarasota area.

Mandatory minimums may be reduced for drug possession in Florida

Many drug crimes have a mandatory minimum sentence. However, more often than not, these sentencing guidelines are much too harsh for the actual crime. This is why it is so critical for individuals who have been charged with drug-related crimes, such as drug possession, to become familiar with the law and defense strategies that can hopefully protect their future. The mandatory minimum sentence in Florida may be changing for oxycodone and hydrocodone painkillers.

Right now, the current law in Florida can send someone to prison for three years if they are caught with seven hydrocodone or 31 oxycodone pills. The new proposal would mean that it would take more pills to be found on one's person to get three years behind bars. This new proposal could save the state of Florida nearly $10 million a year and would result in roughly 500 fewer individuals in prison over the course of five years.

Florida drug possession charges after $20K drugs allegedly seized

Florida residents have likely heard about plenty of arrests being made following an anonymous tip. Regardless of how the information has come to light, anyone who is accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Drug possession charges are harsh in Florida and the legal process can be complicated, which is something one man is likely finding out for himself.

The Sheriff's Office for Columbia County received an anonymous tip that led them to a home that reportedly had a large amount of various types of drugs. Authorities obtained a search warrant so that they could search the home on Granger Mill Avenue. When they arrived to execute the warrant and search the home, they allegedly found power and crack cocaine, in addition to marijuana. The total bust had a street value of more than $20,000, according to authorities.

Florida woman allegedly caught with drugs at her business

There are a number of drug offenses that individuals in Florida can be accused of. Whether one is facing charges for intent to sell drugs or are caught with drugs on their person, in their home or within their business, one faces harsh penalties. These penalties can include difficulty finding a job, relationship troubles and emotional struggles. Because of this, anyone that has been accused of a drug crime would do well to review their options and move forward in the best way possible for their situation. With her future uncertain at this time, this is what one business woman in Florida will likely do.

A Florida businesswoman has recently been arrested under the assumption that she has been selling drugs to officers undercover. A search warrant was obtained and executed at the woman's business in Port Charlotte. Officers discovered close to 200 packages of what appeared to be illegal substances at first-glance. The 37-year-old woman is now facing multiple drug charges, including the possession and sale of synthetic drugs and having drug paraphernalia in her possession.

Florida man arrested, facing drug possession and other charges

It isn't uncommon for emotions to run extremely high and for one to become extremely nervous when pulled over by police. Often, this can lead to the wrong conclusion by officers, causing them to assume one has something to hide. Individuals in Florida who are pulled over for any reason would typically do well to remain calm in a situation like this in order to avoid further potentially damaging situations. Hopefully, this is something that a recent alleged suspect kept in mind during his apprehension for alleged drug possession.

A Florida man was recently arrested after he was part of an undercover operation with the Drug Task Force in Northampton County. Supposedly, an undercover informant purchased heroin and cocaine from him. Once the informant and the 22-year-old alleged suspect completed the drug purchase, the suspect was pulled over.

After drug bust, 7 face various drug crime charges

A recent drug bust in Florida resulted in seven arrest warrants being issued. A SWAT team issued several search warrants following a one-month investigation. At this time, two of the seven alleged suspects have been arrested and face drug crime charges. The other five are still at large.

At one of the homes, more than five grams of cocaine were allegedly seized in addition to other drug-related items. Arrest warrants were obtained for two individuals for this home. At the second home, nearly 55 dime bags containing marijuana, empty baggies and drug paraphernalia were seized. According to officers, the third home was unlivable and was condemned. These searches prompted police to obtain four more arrest warrants for a total of six warrants.

Man faces cocaine charges after traffic stop in Florida

Individuals who are facing drug charges may endure a wide gamut of criminal penalties, including a hefty fine and a prison sentence. Ultimately, one's future is at risk when facing cocaine charges or other drug charges. One Florida man is facing these charges, which could change his life in a number of ways if he should be convicted of the charges against him.

After a recent traffic stop, one man has been arrested and faces multiple drug charges, including cocaine charges, and another man was issued a citation for driving with a suspended driver's license. Authorities claim that a Honda vehicle did not stop at a stop sign. Once the officer began trying to pull the vehicle over, the passenger in the vehicle allegedly threw two small bags out of the window. Once the vehicle came to a stop, it was determined that the driver was driving without an active license.

Misdemeanor marijuana possession rarely results in conviction

Under most circumstances, when an individual is caught with marijuana, he or she faces criminal charges. These charges, if one is convicted, have the potential to result in a suspension of one's driver's license and up to 12 months in jail. However, in the state of Florida, the harsher penalties for marijuana drug charges are rarely handed down.

Florida prosecutors most often aim to send those caught with marijuana into drug rehabilitation programs. Although this does generally require frequent drug testing, it keeps one's record completely clean. One may be required to pay a fine and be on probation for a certain period of time after the arrest. Based on recent analysis, this seems to be the case in almost 75 percent of misdemeanor drug possession cases in Florida.

3 Florida men plead guilty, sentenced on cocaine charges

Although each considered a non-violent criminal offense, a charge of drug trafficking and distribution is taken very seriously in Florida. These types of crimes carry harsh prison sentences. However, with a criminal defense that reviews every aspect of the case, those in Florida who are facing cocaine charges may be able to find achieve an acquittal or, at the least, a minimal sentencing.

Three men were recently handed down a federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to smuggling cocaine. The men had been discovered with roughly 100 pounds of cocaine, which was estimated at over $2.5 million on the street. The drugs were coming into the port off of a boat from the Bahamas and federal agents found the drugs stuffed in a handful of duffle bags.

2 Florida individuals face cocaine charges, other drug offenses

The state of Florida is known for its heavy prosecution of drug trafficking and drug possession. The penalties associated with a drug charge conviction are severe and can range from a hefty fine to a prison sentence. This is something that may be weighing heavily on the minds of two individuals who are facing the possible conviction on cocaine charges and other related drug charges -- all because of a small traffic error.

A man and woman were pulled over for disobeying a traffic law. When police began approaching their vehicle, they allegedly smelled marijuana. This resulted in the police carrying out a vehicle search.

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