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Florida man accepts delivery, arrested for cocaine trafficking

If a person accepts a package containing illegal substances without realizing what is inside, can he or she be charged for possessing or trafficking the illegal substance? The case of a Florida man appears to demonstrate that the person may be able to be charged. This Florida man was arrested at his home a few days ago after he accepted the delivery of a package which allegedly contained 2 kilograms of cocaine.

At the time of the package's delivery, investigators from multiple groups were outside of the man's home. After he accepted the package, he was arrested on multiple charges. Officials also reportedly found some cocaine and counterfeit money in his car. The Orlando Sentinel reports that this man faces charges for possessing counterfeit currency, possessing cocaine, and trafficking cocaine. He is currently in jail on bond.

This man's situation raises several questions about the investigation and subsequent charges. One may wonder how the investigators determined that the man knew what was inside of the package when he accepted it. Reports do not clarify exactly what happened when this man accepted the package or how the officers and investigators responded when he accepted the package.

If a person's name is written on a package for delivery, it is usually assumed that the package is intended for that person. However, it is possible that someone else living at the same address placed this man's name on the package to avoid potential issues with law enforcement. Whenever a person faces charges for a drug crime, ensuring that the possession or trafficking charges are accurate is critical.

Drug charges like the ones against this man can be very serious. Strong legal representation may help a person facing drug charges receive a less severe sentence.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Police: Man took delivery of 2 kilos of cocaine," David Breen, Dec. 16, 2012

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